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£1000  Professional industrial steam cleaner with built in Hoover.

Natural sanitizer and deodorizer will melt, destroy and removes:-

grease, stains, even chewing gum, dog hairs & fleas, chemicals, allergens, spores, mould, germs, viruses, bacteria and dust mites.

Uses around the home:-

Carpets, Rugs & Hard floors.

Furnishings like sofas & inside car seats.

Curtains just leave on the curtain rail removes also removes creases.

Inside cookers.

Blasts dirt from hard to reach places, dirt deeply embedded within surfaces cleaning products

cannot penetrate.

Defrost fridge and freezers in seconds.

Windows, mirrors and shower enclosures with squeegee.

Tile & sealant grout.

Beds and pillows to kill dust mites.

Blocked sinks.

Woodwork is stripped of grease, wax and spray polish build-up and replaced with a natural subtle wax  sheen just like the metal polish above to expose the original inner beauty of the wood grain finish. Special Stains removing liquid to remove marks and stains from paintwork and fabrics such as  Ink, Wine, Shoe polish, Lipstick, Nail polish, Food and Grass stains amongst many other water and oil based stains. Flooring Tile, Vinyl, Lino, Wood & Laminates given a Shiny gloss protection coat to restore  dull and scratched hard flooring types. Window  glass cleaned with special scrapers to remove old paint and sunburned stuck on dirt from  Windows to give the clearest possible finish. Optional protective repelling bonding liquid to stop dirt sticking to glass, makes future cleaning so easy. Various types of Microfibre clothes and Kitchen paper to help give a clean polished finish off, As well as other cleaners and polishes. The Cleaners & Polishes

Carpet cleaner with Deep cleaning formulas to deodorise and refresh carpets and upholstery by
penetrating deep into the fibres to  breaks down stubborn dirt, stains and odours.  
Contains unique Scotchguard technology that adds stain and soil protection to your carpet.

Very scaled up dirty surfaces gets right back to manufactures original surface with help of special cleaning tools.